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5 Easy Steps to Understanding and Using Search Engine Optimization

The concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is actually quite simple. It helps search engine users find the information they seek.



It leads them to the web sites that most closely have the information that answers the users’ questions. It works by matching words – called ‘keywords’ – that are found both in the user’s search term and on a website.

If a user can find a site that contains his search terms, it most often contains the information he seeks. When that happens, SEO works.

Looked at from the perspective of the internet marketer, successful optimization helps search engine users find their sites. This can be quite complex. Or it can be relatively simple. This article shows you how to develop an easy search engine optimization strategy.

Many top universities have a curriculum path for SEO study. Many people make very successful careers out of become masters of SEO and you could, too. However, if you just want to be smart about optimizing your sites, it can be relatively simple, too. Here’s how:


1. Write for your audience, not for SEO

There are electronic reams written on how to write for SEO, but please don’t fall into their trap. Your readers want information – not stilted use of certain keywords.

Just include some of your keywords or keyword phrases naturally in the information on your page. If you do the search engine will search it out and place it high on the list of topics it gives the user.

This concept of using keywords naturally in the information on your pages is so important that the search engines go to great length to throw out sites that it believes just pack their writing with chosen keywords. We’ll discuss these later in this article.

Compare different products, explain why a user NEEDS a product. Teach procedures and processes for the product. Let the user know why you like the product enough to spend the time telling them about it.

And be sure not to overuse the keyword. I’m concerned right now about how may times I am using those three little letters.

Once or twice in an article is plenty. If you have good content, they will find you.


2.  Include Great Information on All the Pages of Your Site, and Link the Pages to Each Other

This is critically important to optimizing your website and each page within it. I use Wealthy Affiliate for internet marketing training, and I recommend you use their free training to learn the specifics of all of this. It’s the best step-by-step training I have found, and it will be sure you get it right.

Basically though, you just get the URL of one of your pages/posts and use it as a link to common information in new articles you are writing. If that isn’t familiar learn how to do it at WA.

One of my mentors explained it to me this way, “Search engines want to believe your site is full of great content that users want to find. How better than showing the search engine and the user that there is other great content found throughout your site?”

Don’t send them to another site for information, show them all they need is right their on your site. Also, if they stay on your site, they won’t end up buying from someone else!


3. Find an App that Helps You with Keyword Research and Use it to Get the Best Keywords with the Least Competition

Once again, use the WA training to learn about this. WA also has a keyword tool that comes with the free membership, so you don’t have to go out and find one. I also have reviews on keyword apps and will be writing more, so click back often!

The goal is to use the app to find a keyword or phrase that a lot of users are searching for but that not a lot of sites have used as a keyword. It’s easy with an app, but almost impossible to do on your own. It’s taught clearly and in detail in WA, check it out.

4. If Your Site Allows Comments or Reviews, ask Family and Friends to Check Out Your Site and Leave Feedback



Search engines love comments and reviews. It’s also great to get personal feedback on the site itself from your gang. Ask them to leave a positive comment on your site and give general site feedback to you personally.

Also, if you’d decided to try out the Wealthy Affiliate free training you can ask the community to look at your site and leave comments as well.


5. Give the Search Engines Some Time to Find Your Site

At this point you have done the basics for optimizing your site. Soon I will add a second article on more advanced ways to increase SEO. And, as I stated earlier, I am also reviewing keyword management apps so that you can see what’s out there to help you get the best keywords for your site.

If you haven’t already, I recommend you try the WA free training to learn what I’ve talked about step-by-step. Best of luck with your site.


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The Ten Things I Hate Most about Internet Marketing Scams

If you’ve found yourself here, you most probably are trying to find an honest program that assists you in making money on the internet. I have built this site to help you do this by writing internet marketing scam reviews – and by finding good honest programs that prepare you for making money on the internet from home, or wherever you find yourself on a given day.

With that said, I have put together a list of the ten things I hate most about these scams. Finding even one of these makes a program suspect – find three or four and get away as fast as you can!

1. A Program That Gives Few Real Details  – Or Even Actual Misrepresentation of What the System Does

There are several ways this shows up. Probably the most common is something I call “Video Only”. An email or sales page that FORCES you to sit through a long video – high on hype and low on the actual details about the program.

The presenter spends most of his/her time touting themselves and trashing other ‘gurus’, everyone else is a fraud – only they are honest and want to help. They are not willing to give you details about the work involved in the process before asking for money – RUN, RUN, RUN!

Even if it’s not a video, if all of the information on the initial site is hard sell and hype – little real detail about what you actually get out of the program, and I mean REAL detail – you can count on having found an internet marketing scam!  And it’s even worse if you get far enough into it and see they are actually misrepresenting how the system works.


2. The Owner of the Program Has Found Out Something No One Else Knows

They found it, and are willing to share it with you. Believe me, if anyone discovers something about internet marketing that no one else knows which makes them a millionaire virtually overnight, they are not going to be sharing it with you.

If they promise you a secret that makes you rich with little or no work, RUN, RUN, RUN!


3. The Sales Page Screams with Photos of The Mega-Rich Lifestyle

Flashy? Maybe, but if the seller does little but show you the supposed fruits of the labor, the labor probably consists of taking your money.

If they show off their supposed riches but don’t give you real details of how they made the money, RUN, RUN, RUN!


4. Discounts, Discounts, Discounts

If you can’t get away from the page – by this I mean if you can’t close the page (especially the page where they FINALLY tell you the price) without getting “One Last Offer of a Discount” – you know it by now; RUN, RUN, RUN!

I’m not saying a program will never have a sale.  But if they do it will be offered to everyone up front.  They won’t try to sell you at one level and then give you one more chance at a discount.  If they are building a lasting community they don’t want anyone to feel cheated.


5. Upsales Everywhere

The purchase price may be very reasonable (does $47.00 sound familiar?) but once you purchase the initial product – hopefully with all the discounts – there is page after page of even greater products with higher prices. Once again you know it’s time to run.  Usually making the same promises as the original program you just purchased – just BIGGER, RICHER, FASTER.  

At least these programs usually come with the highly touted 60 day money back guarantee, so if you get this far you can get your money back!


6. Today is the Last Day They Can Make This Offer

A legitimate offer will be there tomorrow and the next day. Never allow pressure to BUY NOW to cause you to make a bad decision. A solid offer that helps people maintain an internet income over time will give you time to check it out.  It will be there tomorrow.

And, they will include you on upgrades and improvements as they come along.  They won’t tell you that you will, “Never See This Offer Again”.


7. No Contact Info on the Sales Page/Website

No one worth there salt will expect you to join their ‘club’ without asking questions. If there is a way to contact them, try it out. I know there will be a good question you can ask.

If, when and how they answer should tell you a lot about what to expect from their support going forward.  If they don’t try to help you make the decision to buy, you can count on them not being around after the sale is complete.


8. Ongoing Support Not Stressed, or Even Explained

Support is going to be critical to your success going forward. It’s so important to understand what support you will receive and how quickly you will receive it BEFORE you commit.  And you need to know the quality of the support as well.

If you ask a sincere but not apparent question up front, it can tell you a lot about the quality of the ongoing support. If they are not responsive and complete in their answers before you buy, they will have even less motivation to help once they have your money.

The very best ongoing support will offer both professional technical support and a community of members who are already successful using the system and who are willing to help you become successful as well.


9. The Sales Page Stresses a No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

There may be offers of value that will give unhappy customers their money back, but if this is a mainstay of the offer, BE VERY AFRAID! If they feel the offer has true value why keep covering themselves by offering you your money back.

Real programs cost an awful lot of time and money to build.  The owners will be more interested in making it work for you than in giving you your money back.  They are looking for members who will be successful and are willing to help you achieve your goals.


10. Amazing Claims of Success

The reality is you are not going to make tons of money on the internet without doing any work. Yes, you can work when and how much you want and be very successful not working full time. And, because of the nature of the work, you can work anywhere.

But, you won’t make thousands of dollars the first week or first month. Anything that promises that is a complete scam.  There is upfront work that has to be done.  There is maintenance and growth.  How much is up to you, but there is no magic bullet.


The more I learn, the less I am willing to trust anything that isn’t a “Try-Before-You-Buy” program. This certainly doesn’t make it worthwhile, but if you learn about it and it seems like it might be helpful – all you chance to lose is a little time.

And even more importantly, before you spend time on a trial, look for sites like this that may have gone before. Real internet marketers like me have tried them out and are willing to give you an honest pro and con opinion about what has worked for them. That alone is worth it’s weight in gold.

Once you find your success using great programs and tools, you will hate scams even more than you do now.  I also bet you will be willing to help others avoid them.


And, if what you see here rings honest and true, take a nod from me and try out what made all the difference. The Wealthy Affiliate Program is what I found that worked. And there is no time limit on its trial. Take as long as you need to decide it’s for you BEFORE you spend a dime.

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The APPCOINER Review – The Real Truth


Is Appcoiner a scam?  Well, you may eventually make some money using Appcoiner.  But I believe there are much better systems where you can make much more money with less work.  And my real question is:

“Why do they so severely misrepresent how their system works before they hook you into it?”

The only conclusion I can draw is that they know the system is just too difficult to make work!

System Name: Appcoiner


Price: $47.00 or $37.00 or $17.00 (BEFORE Upsells)

Overall Rank: 2 out of 10

  With Appcoiner You Will Find Most of My Top Ten Most Hated  E-Commerce Rip-Offs…

…and they start the minute you hit their website! Before you can see anything or even REALLY get to the site, they require your name and email address. Man, I hate that!

I know I am opening myself up to trashy emails even if I don’t buy into the sales pitch. I know I can unsubscribe, and send them to the junk folder – but it’s just the principle of the thing.

Of course, all programs will ask for your email.  What I am talking about here is forcing you to give them your email before they tell you ANYTHING about the program.

Next, they first tell you they will pay you for TESTING new apps, but then when you get inside they tell you how much you can earn for WRITING REVIEWS. It tuns out it is only an elaborate scheme to get you to review apps and do affiliate marketing for them.

get paid to test apps

You don’t test apps at all! They only pay you if you write reviews that others read, and THEN follow your ad links in the review and THEN purchase the product.

earn by writing reviews

If you are going to do all that, why not go ahead and become a real affiliate marketer and sell from your own REAL website – actually control your own destiny???

Did Something in That Second Paragraph Seem a Little Fishy To You?

Well, me too. Paying for reviews is such a totally bannable offense on trusted websites that no app developer worth their salt would even talk to you about it. So much so that Appcoiner doesn’t even really do that.

You only actually make money after someone who reads your review follows your ad links and makes a purchase. AND not necessarily a purchase of the APP, but a purchase of a ClickBank product that is advertised on that page. Currently, the average commission through Appcoiner is about $23.00, so you need an incredible amount of traffic to get rich at $23.00 a pop.

Adding Reviews to Their Website and Placing Ads There Runs Counter to a Basic Tenet of How to Get Traffic

Most every internet marketer I’ve heard of, read about or talked to believes that the search engine ranking of their page is key to traffic. By posting your reviews on practically identical pages of their website, Appcoiner seems designed to actually work against SEO (search engine optimization).

More importantly, since you just add reviews to THEIR website, you have no way to maximize your writing or your reach.

The work of writing the review is by far the majority of the work it takes to post it to your own site and do the optimization of the page. Not only are these tasks only a small fraction of the work, it is impossible to do them in Appcoiner.

Additionally, since you don’t own the site, they can do anything they wish with your page – including taking it or the whole site down completely. I don’t like giving someone else that kind of control over my work.

If They Believe in Their System, Why Aren’t They Honest About How It Works From the Beginning?

This is really the core of my argument. Although I believe it is incredibly difficult to make good money with this system, my actual problem is that they sell it without being honest about how the system works.

If they were honest about what you were to do – even if they polished it and put it in the best possible light – I wouldn’t feel as cheated if I tried it and it didn’t work. But, since the actual process is unrecognizable in their marketing pitch – I feel it is a total cheat!

As I’ve stated before, even if you could make a program work, if it is initially misrepresented then I am very suspicious.
And I’ve found a system that is honest and up-front. It offers step-by-step, learn-then-do training.  You get 2 websites and support to let you see if you like it – all before spending a penny! Why would I take chances on something that doesn’t?

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Learn Affiliate Marketing, Build and Optimize Your Website and Start Making Money – For Free

Wealthy Affiliate is a free affiliate website program – complete with training.  All you have to risk is a bit of time. With Wealthy Affiliates “Affiliate Bootcamp” affiliate training course you can learn how to be an affiliate marketer, build and optimize your website and start making money with its step-by-step learn and do training. And do it all for free!

If You Don’t Know What You Want to Promote, Learn by Promoting Wealthy Affiliate

There is other training for those who already know what they want to sell, but if you are just starting out and don’t know what to promote – starting out as an affiliate for this program is a great way to start. Take a look at what the training looks like. Click on the photo to see the training.


Bootcamp Training


This Training Explains Affiliate Marketing and Walks You Through Building and Optimizing Your Website

The training is incredible. It teaches two or three steps, and then has you complete them to build your site. With this process you are on your way to making money before you complete the training.

You can ask questions as you go, so you don’t have to get confused and frustrated. It’s worth your time to give it a try. Then if it’s working for you, you can go premium and get even more training and support. But the basic training is more than enough to get your site up and running and to let you know if this is the program for you!

And, because you are marketing their product; they provide all kinds of banners, buttons and informational art to make your website even better.

You Get to See Up-Front What the Free Membership Can Do for you and Whether You Need Premium. Now, Later or Never!

When I started the program, I went with the free starter membership. I wanted to see what the program was all about, if it was for real, and if it gave me the detail I needed to be successful.

I started the training and quickly saw that Wealthy Affiliate was for real. The learn-a-step,complete-a-step method got my website up and running without me getting lost with information overload. I saw that the information was complete – it wasn’t at all what I was used to seeing.  If I had a question I asked it on live chat and got an answeer right away.

I was so tired of paying a little money to get general – no detail -information, and then asking for more money for more of the same. With the free membership I was learning and building my website. I was getting all the information I needed without spending a penny.

I decided early that the premium membership was worth the money and upgraded after my first few lessons. Starting with a month at the monthly rate of $49.95, realized I was in it for the long haul, and paid yearly so my monthly rate was only $29.95. The business model is great – you can try out every level before you make a commitment.

You can become successful with the basic membership, and can wait till you are making money before upgrading, but with the low cost it was worth it for me to become Premium early on in the process.


You Really Have Nothing to Lose. Why Not Give It a Try



I just can’t stress it enough. Wealthy Affiliate is really different from anything I have found. They show you everything they do before they ask for a penny. It gives you a chance to take the training and see if it fits your learning style.

It gives you two websites so you can use the training to build your own sites, step-by-step. You can see EXACTLY what upgrading gives you and when you are ready it  lets you join for a single month. Then it offers a yearly plan that cuts the monthly price almost in half.

Affiliate Marking May Not Be for Everyone, But If You Think It Might Be For You, Here’s a Mighty Good Place to Find Out for Sure

Wealthy Affiliate REALLY gives you an opportunity to learn affiliate marketing before you spend a lot, or any, money. I can’t overstate the time and money I wasted trying something that gave me vague generalities at every level while asking for more and more money. This is really different.

Go ahead, give it a try. If you’re willing to work to learn and work your sites, this is the way to go!

Check Out My Review of Wealthy Affiliate Here!





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My Choice for Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training

I just don’t think you can beat an affiliate marketing program that gives you the training (and websites) free so you can see if the program is the right one for you! Complete training. Two websites. Tons of support. All for free!  This makes Wealthy Affiliate my choice for the best free affiliate marketing training.

High Quality Free Affiliate Marketing Training that Builds and Maximizes your Website as you Go

It turns out that this was exactly what I needed. Everything else I had seen on internet marketing wanted your money before they showed you anything of substance about what they really provided. I just hate that model. Even though it may end up being a good program, it just has scam written all over it. I was so frustrated!

Then I found Wealthy Affiliate. It gives you access to their quality training, support and tools with a free membership – not a trial. You can build and maximize your site and start making money without spending a penny. You can stay a free member forever.

The training walks you through step-by-step, building and maximizing your website, learning to use their great set of tools and giving you tons of support. Then, once you are earning money on your site you can upgrade to Premium – in my opinion it’s dirt cheap – for even more great features and support. With WA’s free affiliate training program you really have nothing to lose but a little time.

The Training Walks You Through a Step or Two and Then You Build Those Steps on Your Site

Your website is up and running before you complete the first set of lessons. Then you maximize your site as you complete additional lessons. All for free. You really have the opportunity to be sure this program is for you and have a money making website before you spend a dime. And, if you are satisfied with where you are, you can keep the free membership.

One note:  I got into the trap of over-thinking during the early training, and wanted to do extra things I knew a little about. Although it’s easy to get the answers on how to do them through support, if you can reign in your enthusiasm and just follow the training, most everything you can think of will be covered in the best progression for this program. Let them lead you through the process for the easiest success! Then, if you still have the question – ask! The free membership also includes two websites, complete with hosting. Just one more reason I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best free affiliate marketing training you can find. But you don’t have to take my word for it. You can try it yourself for free. I guess I’ve made my point about it being free.

Using the Free Membership Got Me Up and Running and Let Me See That Wealthy Affiliate Was the Program for Me

I really can’t say enough about how important learning the system and understanding what it offered for free meant to me. As I stated before, I was so frustrated by all the programs that wanted your money before you could see what they really offered. Too many times just so much hype. If you try Wealthy Affiliate, all you really have to lose is a little time.

Once I Got My Site Up and Running, I Saw what a Great Value the Premium Membership Was for Me

Premium membership is a great value. It’s $49.95 a month if you pay by the month or $29.95 a month if you pay yearly. And right now they have an even better Black Friday deal for a yearly membership.

Check out the chart below to see the extras Premium membership provides

I quickly saw that Premium membership was for me. But if you’re satisfied with the free membership you never have to pay a penny.

One of my favorite features of the Premium membership is the live chat (included for the first seven days with the free membership). If a question comes up during training or while you are working on your site, you can get an answer in just a couple of minutes.

I have never had a question unanswered or needed a solution that I couldn’t find in the articles. Members are compensated for writing articles and developing training, so there are tons of content that grows daily. And I bet soon you’ll be answering questions and writing articles yourself.

Summing It All Up

I spent weeks worth of hours looking at videos that promise the world – cars, houses, trips around the world – but gave you little real detail about their system until you fork up. They reel you in with a cheap price – does $47.00 ring a bell? But then the really valuable features are offered at hundreds of dollars, and you still don’t really know what you are getting. Then, whether you buy or not, they flood your email with “where are you’s” and “you missed an appointment” and all kinds of crazy and suspect subject lines.

I tried more expensive programs. Programs that costs thousands and sort of did what they promised, but then wanted tens of thousands more to really make you a success.

Maybe you need a private coach – and I suffered through several before I found an honest one willing to really work with me rather than just giving me tons of platitudes.  You might feel more comfortable with lots of one-on-one phone calls and webinars.  If this is what you are looking and are able to make a BIG business investment; then something like this may be what you need. I’ll talk more about this in a later post. But I didn’t have $20 or $30 thousand to spend to maybe be a success.

I was so relieved when I found Wealthy Affiliate. Of course, I was skeptical at first. I had been burned so many times. But the free membership just rang true. I could really see what it would do before I spent a penny. And it turned out to be the answer for me.

Why not check it out and see if it is your answer too. As I said, all you risk is a bit of time. Best of luck.

See you inside WA!

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Wealthy Affiliate Review – Top Ten Affiliate Marketing Programs

What I Think About Wealthy Affiliate



If you read my post, About Me, you already know I researched many programs and chose Wealthy Affiliate – one of the top ten affiliate marketing programs – for the following reasons:

1. You start as a free level member. No trials. A free membership. You can take step-by-step training, get support and set-up and make money on your websites without spending any money.

2. You can upgrade to premium membership for very little money and get even more incredible features.

3. You belong to a huge community of members willing to give help and support.

This probably sounds good to you by now, but you must surely want facts on how WA became one of the top 10 affiliate marketing programs. Well, here you go:


STATS: (out of 5)

Training — 4.8

Support — 5

Website Builder Software — 4.9

Website Hosting — 4.8

Research Tools — 4.6



Basic Membership — Free for Duration, Not a Trial

Premium Membership — $49.95/month, $29.95/month if paid yearly — and a Black Friday Special that makes it even cheaper


A Really Cool Business Model

And, the more I learn about WA, the more I am impressed with their business model. They compensate members for answering questions, writing articles and developing additional training so there is always somebody willing to help you. They have great, detailed training on getting started by being an Affiliate for WA, so even the owners have a vested interest in seeing you succeed and succeed BIG.


The Training is Complete and Easy to Learn

They utilize hands on, learn a concept – apply a concept, so when you finish a lesson you’ve also completed doing what that lesson teaches. Members and the instructors are available to help you over the rough spots. They start with the basics and move on in a logical order.

It is important that you follow the training and then build what they’ve just taught. Most questions I had were answered later, and I got the info when I needed it to build out my site. It takes a little discipline to not jump ahead and try to do other things you think need to be done, but it will be covered later and it saves time if you just let them lead.

They constantly add training, and as I mentioned the community is always developing advanced training on all sorts of topics that add to the value of your sites. You get what they promise. Even the trainers and the owners usually reply in less than a day. And there’s a live chat for Premium members that get you immediate answers.



A Massive, Growing Community of Expert that Really Seem to Care about YOUR Success

I guess by now it’s apparent that the Community Support is my favorite feature of Wealthy Affiliate. It carries me through any bumps in the road. I have NEVER had a question that went unanswered or needed direction that wasn’t covered in an article — where to find free photos, how to transfer an existing website in WA, members willing to look at a post or website to give me feedback. The support is stellar!


WA Gives Me What I Need as I Need It

I’ll give you additional details on more advanced stuff in future posts, but the training and support was what I needed to get my site up and successful. Research, plug-ins and add-ons take you as far as you want to go; and there training for all of it. And as I stated before, the training gives you what you need of each of them as you need it; so there’s no need to feel overwhelmed.


Give It A Try

Does it take work? Sure. But for me the step-by-step building and unlimited support made the work fun. Join us today and become apart of one of the top ten affiliate marketing programs.  It works!










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About Me



Hi. My name is Teri and I am a successful internet marketer. I am here to help you become one too. I want you to avoid my painful mistakes and get on the successful path to making money on the internet.

This path for me turned out to be learning the process as an affiliate marketer. I found a system where you can REALLY learn the process and begin making money for free. Then once you are successful you can become a premium member for just a few dollars a month, or you can stay a free member (not a trial) – with your own websites and everything – for the duration.

And I do mean really. Also, if your interest lies in another aspect of internet marketing, you can move on from there – trained in how to make the internet earn for you and already making money. This system is called Wealthy Affiliate, and if you are intrigued you can click here and find out all about it. If you want to know more about my journey, just read on. Here in general, and specifically in later posts, I will tell you what I tried and what I avoided along my path to success.

In the early 2000’s, I began testing out internet marketing. I had taken an early-out offer from my stint in the corporate world and soon found I hated the world of contracting that I had chosen for my Plan B. So I began researching. Exhaustively.

I tried “writing” e-books, direct selling and even affiliate marketing as it existed then. Although I saw through many pure get-rich-quick schemes and tried programs that I’m sure worked for some, I learned a lot and spent an awful lot of money; but didn’t find what worked for me. A few weeks ago I even came across an old affiliate group I still belong to where my efforts had resulted in a grand total of $9.80! Was the group a scam? No, not at all. I just didn’t know how to make it work.  I’m sure that if I decide to use this group to get affiliates in the future, I will reach the payment threshold of $10.00 and get my first $9.20. Without 10 years’s worth of interest.

Once I found Wealthy Affiliate, I used their detailed, step-by-step training to build optimized websites they host for free. Now, on-going training, help articles and the support of the huge, active community gives me what I need to be a continued success. After getting started and seeing my success with WA, I did add Premium membership. That is a decision you can make well after you see success with the program.

If you are interested, please check out my other posts on Wealthy Affiliate and other topics about internet marketing as a whole. Meanwhile, I’ll see you inside the WA community.